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How to Use Leftovers: Carrots

If you haven't eaten your carrots yet, your wait was well worth it! The following dishes require minimal ingredients and less than 15 minutes of prep time. Each dish’s salty, savory elements, transform a seemingly simple vegetable into something extraordinary.

1) Quick Pickled Carrots - Eat as a snack or add to your favorite sandwich! 

2) Roasted Potatoes, Onions, and Carrots - Drizzle with olive oil, shallots, salt & pepper and let the oven do the magic. 

3) Simple Carrot Soup - Stay warm during the last remaining chilly days of the year!

4) Oven-Baked Carrot Fries - Who would have thought carrots could taste so good?

5) Carrot-Coconut Macaroons - Sweeten up your week with these delicious treats! 

Photos from Epicurious and Highgate Hill Kitchen