Brown Market Shares Program
Established 2006



Coordinator Applications are now open to all Brown undergraduate students who will be on campus for the next calendar year.

Follow this link to apply: coordinator application

Market Shares is an entirely student-run organization of volunteers that is headed by a team of seven coordinators. Though there is significant time spent in close collaboration, each student coordinator is also responsible for managing specific components of the program.

All coordinators are chosen through an application and interview process that occurs each calendar year. Though they share a love of food systems, coordinators are drawn from a fairly wide variety of academic disciplines. Those who have volunteered with the program in the past are particularly encouraged to apply when positions become available, though we’ll happily accept applications from all Brown students.

Communications Coordinator

The Communications Coordinator is in charge of communication with shareholders, as well as record-keeping tightly tied to shareholder communication. This person is responsible for managing the Market Shares email account to address all questions, comments, or concerns voiced by shareholders. The Communications Coordinator creates sign-ups and tracks changes, often arranged via email, when necessary over the first couple of weeks of the season. In addition to sign-ups, this coordinator is in charge of creating and updating check-ins each week, surveys, and ensuring that all records are consistent and up to date.

We not are currently hiring for this position.

Finance Coordinator

The Finance Coordinator works to ensure that all costs and expenses of Market Shares are covered, tracking payments from shareholders to farmers.  This involves working closely with the Student Activities Office to manage our account. In addition, the finance coordinator collaborates with the purchasing coordinator to write a budget prior to each season, subdividing funds, and checking purchases each week for accounting purposes. This coordinator also works closely with the subsidized coordinator to run the subsidized lottery and keep the subsidized eligibility guidelines up to date.

We not are currently hiring for this position.

Operations Coordinator

All of the logistics of our Thursday Market Days are the responsibility of the Operations Coordinator. Tasks revolve around volunteers, Market Day equipment, and communication with additional Market Day parties. Volunteer management involves organizing volunteer labor through recruitment, training, and shift assignment; creating volunteer engagement events over the season. The role involves management of Market Day equipment, including creating signage, buying scales and cleaning supplies, arranging the bulletin board, and managing storage spaces. The Operations Coordinator communicates with the following groups: Brown Catering to facilitate borrowing coolers and the delivery of packed shares to the Sharpe Refectory, BDS to facilitate occasional use of Ratty Annex space, FRN to arrange the donation of leftover food at the end of the day, Hillel to use the space for distribution each week, and the UEL for general program support. Not to mention any other fun projects you can think of!

We not are currently hiring for this position.

Public Relations Coordinator

The Public Relations Coordinator manages the program's brand, identity, and digital presence. This coordinator is responsible for creating and sending out the weekly newsletters, assigning and writing posts for the Blog, developing recipes, and managing and updating the website. This coordinator also manages all social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.). Before the start of every season, the PR Coordinator runs our on-campus advertising for sign-ups – designing posters, creating an outreach strategy, and managing all aspects of the advertising process. The PR Coordinator also works on long-term development of the Market Shares brand, working to solidify the program's visual identity, and increase program visibility in the Brown community and in the greater Providence area.

We not are currently hiring for this position.

Purchasing Coordinator

All of Market Shares’ purchasing is handled by the Purchasing Coordinator. This job involves frequent communication with our farmers to create a balanced share each week and to coordinate delivery schedules for Market Day. The Purchasing Coordinator is also the point person for all contact with Farm Fresh Rhode Island, Seven Stars Bakery, and our other food producers. Larger-scale seasonal planning and development of new producer partnerships are additional components of this position. The Purchasing Coordinator works closely with the Finance Coordinator to plan for and maintain Market Shares' budget.

We not are currently hiring for this position.

Subsidized Coordinator

This coordinator is responsible for seeking out new subsidized applicants and maintaining relationships with Dining Service workers, graduate students, and staff of the university. Working as a liaison between those employees who may not have regular access to email or speak English as a first language, the Subsidized Coordinator interacts with these shareholders in both English and Portuguese, collecting weekly payments and spreading the word about the program prior to each new season. This coordinator also creates and distributes paper subsidized applications and newsletters for shareholders without access to computers. Over the course of the season, the Subsidized Coordinator also collects data to evaluate the success of the subsidized program, and brainstorms ways to add to the program.

We not are currently hiring for this position.

Program Development Coordinator

The Program Development Coordinator is responsible and concerned with sustainable expansion of Market Shares in both breadth and depth. This coordinator works hard to maintain current relationships within the Market Shares community while also creating new partnerships with college students and organizations running or interested in running similar programs. In the past, this coordinator has taken on projects ranging from a Packed Share Program in the Jewelry District to organizing volunteers to make a recipe book, to legitimatizing BMSP's work with official Food Hub recognition. Each season, the Program Development Coordinator organizes 1-2 visioning meeting(s) for the coordinating team to evaluate their work as it relates to the mission of the program, discuss ideas for growth, set goals, and create concrete action plans to push the program forward.

We are not currently hiring for this position.

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