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What We're Reading: March 8th, 2016

It may no longer be cold outside, but that shouldn't deter you from curling up on the couch and learning something new! The following works revolutionize the way we look at food, exploring it through the lens of science, history, and social media. Here is a look into what we are reading (and watching) this week. 

The Instagrams of Food Deserts. Though researchers typically rely on sporadic surveys to evaluate regions’ food security, this article operates in an unconventional manner, embracing social media’s many assets.   Researchers examined more than 3 million food-praising Instagram posts from throughout the nation to better cognize our “food deserts” and food-rich regions. 

The Food Lab. Have you ever wished there was a never-failing, quick method for the perfect Hollandaise sauce? With hundreds of images and recipes, The Food Lab reveals the scientific processes behind making simple versions of the most popular American dishes.  

Cooked: A Natural History Transformation. In this newly released documentary-series, Michael Pollan innovatively uses the four elements - fire, water, air, and earth -  to celebrate the global act of cooking. Cooked tastefully encourages home cooking by highlighting the primal necessity of food preparation, as well as showcasing food’s ability to both connect individuals and create traditions.