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Vegetable Spotlight: Beets

Boiled, roasted, or raw, these root vegetables are earthy and delicious. Beets are especially fresh and flavorful at this time of year, as they’re at their prime from late spring through the fall. When at Market Day, look for beets that are firm, not too big, with smooth skin. If stored properly, beets will last you at least a month! 

Aside from being an excellent addition to salads and side dishes, beets have had a variety of uses throughout history. While we are accustomed to eating beetroot (the variety in this week’s share), its relative the sugar beet has been farmed commercially for sugar production for its high concentration of sucrose. Beet extracts are also found in a variety of foods, as the dark red pigment is used as a natural substitute for artificial dyes. 

You can’t go wrong with this healthy veggie—toss them with arugula, roast them with salt and rosemary, or try picking them! Try one of these recipes to make the most out of the remainder of your share:

1) Beet, Goat Cheese and Honey Tarts

Sarah ClappComment