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What We're Reading I

Take a look at a few of the most entertaining and enlightening articles from the food industry that have popped up on the web this week. From tips on making the most out of your market share to understanding the importance of food and local farms, they’re definitely worth the read.

Need tips on how to prepare the potatoes from your share? Serious Eats shares a few variations on salt and herb crusted potatoes. Our mouths are watering just looking at these photos.

Want to get the most out of your market share? Here’s some great advice on how to handle your weekly share of produce – and take it one step further. Creativity is key in planning vegetable-heavy, fun weeknight meals. 

Food, Farms, and Justice Farms work to increase food justice in more ways than one. This Truthout article explores the Freedom Food Alliance’s projects, including the Project Growth program at New York's Soul Fire Farm. These ventures work to address racism in the criminal justice system while tackling healthy food access. These are just a few of the ways farming can and will have an impact outside the food system. 

Farming Through the Storm Ever wonder how Rhode Island farms can supply produce for a diverse share with the multiple snowstorms that blanket New England each winter? Modern Farmer talked to some Northeastern farmers to see what precautions were being taken ahead of Winter Storm Juno.

Farm to School Even the youngest Rhode Islanders are enjoying local food throughout the winter. Thanks to Farm Fresh Rhode Island's “RI Farm to School” program, North Kingstown students feast on school lunches comprised of food from farms in the neighborhood.