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How to Wash and Store Greens

Greens – anything from dark, leafy kale to crisp romaine – are great to always have on hand. Simply steaming them for a side dish adds fiber, vitamin C, and a slew of other nutrients to quick weeknight meals. The problem is they take up valuable fridge space when bought whole, require tedious washing, and often wilt faster than we can eat them.

However, correctly washing and storing your greens right after you pick them up will help them stay crisp and fresh longer. Here’s how to do it – no salad spinner required.

1.     Fill a large bowl with ice cold water. If the leaves are connected, separate them. Go ahead and give them a chop if you want. Submerge the leaves in the water bath, agitating them to remove any grit. Let them rest for five minutes.

2.     Lay out a clean kitchen towel. Drain the water from the bowl, then lay the leaves out onto the towel. Roll the towel into a log, leaving the leaves to dry for about ten minutes.

3.     While the leaves are drying, line a large container (one that has a lid) with a second, dry kitchen towel. Once the leaves are dry, unroll the log and transfer the leaves into the container. If the towel runs over the sides of the container, fold those in. Seal the container with a lid and store in the refrigerator.