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What We're Reading III

McDonald's is having a millennial moment. Commercial compost, while on the rise, has a few things to sort out. Here are our favorite news bites from the week to read, bookmark, and bring up in casual conversation at a dinner party. 

A Complication for Compost. Produce stickers are as cumbersome to composting facilities as they are to consumers. Too small to sift out from larger compost collection, these stickers pass through the composting process undigested and end up contaminating batches of commercial compost. To combat the sticker snag, compost companies are distributing bingo-like cards for customers to fill with produce stickers with the promise of a free bag of compost after 20 stickers. 

Going Beyond Cookbooks. Cookbooks are troves of information (Deborah Madison's books are practically encyclopedias). But when browsing the ingredient lists of recipes, it's important to know the processes and systems working to get those ingredients to your kitchen. Buzzfeed's list of 35 books investigating various facets of the food space is a great place to begin. 

Food Waste 101. The New York Times recently published a comprehensive guide to reducing food waste in the home kitchen. Covering how to use up everything from leftover bread to produce scraps to almost-expired dairy, this guide is your new go-to resource in the kitchen.

Anti-Antibiotics. Last week, McDonald's pledged to reduce the the use of antibiotics in chicken products served in their restaurants. While antibiotics necessary for "poultry welfare" will remain, those with an impact on human health will be gradually eliminated.