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What We're Reading II

From food waste pop-ups to the increasing support of urban agriculture from established restaurants, here are our favorite industry stories from the past week. 

Flight of the Bumblebee. If you're ever flying out of Montreal, don't be surprised if you pass a swarm of bees between taxi and take off. Miel Montreal's urban apiary established on an airport green space is one of many projects created to support and grow urban bee keeping. 

Get wasteED. Beginning in Mid-March, farm-to-table revolutionary Dan Barber's West Village restaurant Blue Hill will transform into a month-long pop up to explore food waste in a commercial setting. WasteED will work to minimize inefficiencies on the consumption side of the food chain, approaching every ingredient used in the kitchen with a nose-to-tail sensibility. 

Changing TimesIn early December, the Los Angeles Times published a four-part investigation into the labor conditions for workers on Mexican export farms. Earlier this month, as a direct response to the ills exposed in the piece, the Mexican Secretary of Agriculture announced a supported effort dedicated to enforcing wage laws and improving living and working conditions for laborers on export farms. 

Supply and Demand. Ben Tabor's seasonal and vegetable-centric approach to menu planning and food purchasing for his restaurant The Sneaky Pickle in New Orleans demonstrates the increasing importance and influence of restaurants in local food economies.