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How to Use Leftovers: Kohlrabi

Is your kohlrabi is still sitting unused on your counter? I myself was initially deterred by its unusual name and intimidating appearance. After researching its origins, nutrients, and popular uses, I am convinced more people should venture into kohlrabi’s seemingly dangerous territory.  Despite kohlrabi’s menacing exterior, beneath its skin lay the potential for a plethora of simple and delicious dishes.  

1) Eat it raw in a salad or like carrot sticks, dipping it in your favorite dressings and hummus.

2) Kohlrabi Slaw - Freshen up your meal with this simple, crunchy slaw! 

3) Kohlrabi and Celery Root Puree - If you're a fan of mashed potatoes, then this dish is for you. 

4) Kohlrabi Fries - I modified the recipe for these home fries and was pleasantly satisfied! I tossed the kohlrabi strips in herb olive oil, paprika, red crushed pepper flakes, pepper, salt, chili powder, and 2 minced garlic cloves. Then I spread the seasoned fries onto a parchment sheet and baked them for approximately 40 minutes. A delicious addition to any meal!