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How to Use Leftovers: Mushrooms

Mushrooms, in all their earthy splendor, are quite the superfood. They’re low in carbohydrates, high in fiber, and a great source of B-vitamins, iron, and selenium. Mushrooms are friendly toward the cook under a time constraint because meal preparation is generally quite fast when it comes to cooking mushrooms. Furthermore, in any of these recipes, you can almost always interchangeably substitute the type of mushroom used. Shiitake mushrooms are a delicious variety with a long history of medicinal use in China. They have a distinct, strong flavor that complements delicately flavored ingredients beautifully.

PS: You don’t actually have to soak your mushrooms! Experts recommend gently wiping them with a towel, or giving them a quick rinse and pat down. To preserve the flavor and nutrition of your mushrooms, try these gentle washing methods and avoid overcooking them. Here are some great options for leftover mushrooms this week, from least to most time needed:

1. Japanese Soup with Tofu and Mushrooms

2.Casual Creamy Mushroom Pasta

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