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What We're Reading: October 4th, 2016

Whether it be the essence of warm spiced apples or nutty butternut squash, autumn is abundant with delicious and comforting foods. As the leaves and temperature continue to fall, check out what’s we’re reading to see how you can make the most out of autumnal produce, seasonal treats, and Providence's local food scene.

Preserving Secrets: Canning And Pickling Like A Pro. Preserving produce is a great option for utilizing leftover fruits and vegetables, especially as winter approaches. While pickling, jamming and fermenting might seem over-ambitious for the home (or dorm) kitchen, this article provides useful tips for small-batch canning. With the right organization and preparation, you can enjoy the best of this season’s produce for months to come.

Making Apple Cider is Pressing Work. Served hot or cold, apple cider is a quintessential fall beverage. This article examines the cider-making process; it takes readers through the harvesting, grinding, pressing and filtering of the Mac, Cortland and Gala apples local to New England. Keep this method in mind next time you pick up a bottle of cider at the store (or try a cider-based beverage like Blue State’s Chaider)!

Farm Fresh RI Wins $85,000 Grant to Build Agriculture Center in Providence. Farm Fresh RI is a non-profit that focuses on delivering local produce to restaurants, institutions, grocers, households, and 11 farmers’ markets across the state. With help from a grant allocated to them by the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, Farm Fresh RI will begin building a food and agriculture campus in Providence’s Valley neighborhood. The organization continues to deliver on its dedication to connecting communities with fresh, healthy food.