Read the newsletter.

We email them out on Monday evening or Tuesday morning of every week. The newsletter will have a list of the items in that week's share, spotlights about unfamiliar items, and recipes using the items that week, as well as fun news, sign-ups, and opportunities. You can also look at our Produce Guide and blog for more recipes and info about what to do with your share. Aren't receiving the newsletter? Register your email here. 

Find a reusable grocery bag to bring with you.

If you have a meat share or multiple additional shares (milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, bread), you may want to bring two bags. If you forget a bag, you can buy them at Market Day (cash only, $1 for paper or $5 for totes).

Remember your payment.

If you are on a payment plan, make sure to bring your first payment in cash or check to the first Market Day. If you have not yet paid, set up a payment plan, or contacted our finance coordinator, you must bring your payment on the first day and email our finance coordinator, Wesley, ASAP at

Market Day on College Hill

Pick-ups are held on Thursdays from 12pm-6pm at the Brown/RISD Hillel (80 Brown Street). When you enter Hillel, you will see the check-in table in the large hallway/gallery on the main level. Check in by giving the coordinators your last name, and payment if you have an outstanding balance or if it is a scheduled day for your payment plan.


After checking in, enter the social hall through the glass doors to pick up your produce. You must pick up your produce before any bread, dairy, or meat shares, which cannot be taken into the Social Hall due to kosher dietary laws in Hillel.

Follow the line of tables and pick up your share based on the signs in front of each produce item. We ask that shareholders only take the amount listed on the sign, as taking more will deprive other shareholders of those items. Some items are distributed by quantity, and other items are distributed by weight. All scales operate in ounces/pounds, but if you have difficulty finding the correct units or using the scale, please ask a volunteer for assistance.

Next, you can pick up meat, bread, eggs, and dairy in the gallery (you will have passed them entering the hall). There are separate check-ins for bread, dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, & eggs), and meat, so you will be asked again for your last name by the volunteer at each of these tables.

Lastly, feel free to ask us questions, voice concerns, or share thoughts with us in person at Market Day, or by emailing us at We also have a feedback section at the bottom of our weekly newsletter.

market day in the jewelry district

Pick-ups are held on Thursdays from 3pm-5pm at the 110 Elm Street cafeteria. The shares will be pre-packed in reusable bags, so pick-up is easy: just follow signs for the pick-up, and look for the collection of packed shares. If you have a bread share, it will be packed with your basic produce share. Any egg or dairy shares will be in a well-marked cooler, and items will be labeled with shareholders' names. It is very important for Jewelry District shareholders to let us know in advance if you cannot pick up your share for the week; please do so by emailing us at


Remember to bring your reusable bag from the week before with you when you pick up. Leave it in the cafeteria, where we’ll pick it up and use it for your share the following week. If you return the reusable bag every week, you'll receive a bag deposit refund at the end of the season.

There will be a BMSP Coordinator at the Jewelry District pick-up on the first day to answer any of your questions. Additionally, feel free to ask us questions, voice concerns, or share thoughts with us by emailing us at